Students from Sacred Heart School prepare for Kalungu


Students from Sacred Heart High School Fenham, prepare for Kalungu

Preparing the way

Carmel Flynn rscj introduces the students of the Sacred Heart High School, Fenham,
to the Ugandan Culture in Newcastle upon Tyne,
during their weekend of training for their experience in Kalungu.

The students will spend two weeks in

St. Charles Lwanga Girls Training Centre, Kalungu, Uganda in July 2011


The students began by discussing their hopes
and expectations prior to spending their time there.
Carmel was able to introduce them to the
culture of Uganda as she has worked
there for many years.
It was a stimulating and challenging experience
for all, as they began to enter
more deeply into a different world.



It is hoped that they will have a real experience of life
in a developing country and
gain a greater awareness of diversity of life styles
and that this will nurture the desire
- they already have -
to be a positive influence for change in the world
and shape how they might think of going about that.

Besides sharing the life of the students in Kalungu,
it is planned that they will do a little
to brighten the school dining room with their presence
and their contribution of paint and work.



Chatting during break
The challenge of changing the world

Orientation is now well underway also with the mixed group of teachers,
student teachers and students from the Republic of Ireland
who head out to Laina Saba School in
Kibera in Kenya on June 26th 2011.

The students from St. Catherine's College Armagh are also preparing for
their trip to Kibera in Oct. 2011

Taking a break during the Orientations Days in Newcastle