The challenge of Uganda this summer 2012



Uganda Summer 2012

uganda map pluspf
Uganda in East Africa
very busypf
 Young people team building/working in preparation for trip

The students from St. Catherine’s College Armagh
have just returned home from
their trip to Uganda on Sunday 9th July
The trip proved to be a more challenging experience
than they had anticipated.

While their training as part of the preparation for going out to Uganda was rigorous in Benburb.

servite priory benburbpf
Servite Priory Benburb


before dawnpf
Carmel with girls before the dawn out working
Digging the seed beds for the Priory

They rose before dawn at
6 am on a March morning
to dig seed beds
in the Priory garden,
but the
the heat and humidity they met out in Uganda,
when they were out working in
St. Bernadette’s School, was a killer, it was so unexpected.

Crossing the Equator in Uganda on the way to school

It was so challenging that they needed to learn the Ugandan way of
‘slowly by slowly’ to be able to adapt to the climate.
They had to re-schedule all activities so as to pace themselves
– all part of an African experience really…!

sorting out the final details in benburbpf
Sorting out the last details in March, in Benburb.
passion sunday 2012 benburbpf
The Liturgy in Benburb on Palm Sunday March 2012


They had no idea when they were sorting out the last details of their arrangement for fund-raising and organising themselves in Benburb what actually lay ahead.

flag of ugandapf

While the priest did try to help us grasp that we would be participating in the Christ's action of building a Better World out in Uganda, we did not quite take in, at that stage, just how demanding that would prove to be.

You might remember them now as they make the transition back to Ireland, leaving behind the children of St. Bernadette's and all the children who touched their hearts.

meal timecroppedpf child ugandapf
Meal time An Ugandan Smile


We are hoping to get feedback and photos from them soon.....