"It was amazing!" "Brilliant!"



imagespf flag on paradepf
Kenya Wild Life Kenyan Team in the Olympics


arriving to airportpf
In the Arrivals Hall, Dublin Airport

The energy, the buzz, the excitment was palpable,
as the 16 students from Clonmel
arrived into Dublin Airport
from Kibera in Kenya,
on Saturday, 28th July 2012

Collection Point





They were so glad they had gone.

"It was amazing  - I cannot put words on it."
"It was an experience of a lifetime."

airplane flyingpf


The flight home was quiet
- some had watched four movies,
they hadn't slept at all and
there was every indication that with their energy and
excitment they wouldn't sleep that night either.


kibera slumpf children outside their homes in kiberapf
Playing in the street in Kibera At home in Kibera




The most shocking thing....
"... the slums of Kibera




child 2pf 




"Even though they were very poor the children were so happy."

 The girls were aware they would miss the children.
"It was unbelieveable they wanted to hold our hands and they always asked us how we were."

laini saba primary schoolpf
Pupils from Laini Saba Primary School
carmel preparingpf
Preparing with Carmel in Rathgormack
problems to solvepf
Organising the planned activities

All the
done together with
in Rathgormack
helped the 10 Students
from the Loreto School 
        and the 5 students from the                   Presentation School in Clonmel and
one from Hacketstown 
to be well prepared to engage the children in
all kinds of creative and fun activities.

The preparation involved physical activity and reflection on that first Sunday in Lent, as they began to set out.

engaged in the physical chalengepf centrepiece as they set out for kenyapf
Challenging outdoor activity with Carmel  in preparation Centrepiece for reflection as they set out for Kenya

michele in kitchenpf
Michelle McCartan in the kitchen in Rathgormack

In Rathgormack Michelle organised the work around the
cooking and engaging the students around
team work in the kitchen, yet she also
stimulated them into planning
creative activities for the children in Kibera.

All this meant that they felt well prepared to go keep the children busy.

"We did loads of arts and crafts with the children."  Mary reported with great excitement and energy, on Saturday night in the airport on their return.

noahs arkpf

Another reported that "Two days ago we had Noah’s Ark in the playground
– so we went in to tell
Anastasia rscj - the principal in Laini Saba Primary School
that there were animals in the playground and
she couldn’t believe it.
The children were so happy"!

noahs ark 2012pf

 "Brilliant…"  was also how
Clare, who was out for
a second time
in East Africa,
described the experience.

doing speech therapy with clarepf
Doing speech therapy with Clare

The speech work she went out to do went well.
Michelle reported that
“Clare worked one-on-one with a young boy
in Laini Saba School and at the end
he wrote a letter to her, off his own bat,
thanking her
'he wasn’t able to speak and now he can speak'."

the van with the luggagepf

Packing up their luggage
into the van, taking them
home to Clonmel,
someone suggested that
they pack 'Kenyan style'.
On enquiring what that was like
they said laughingly
"Load it on the roof, tie it down and hope it doesn't fall off. "


They shared with us on arrival that they had experienced great sadness at the beginning of their trip.
Just two days after arriving Rita, one of the adult support group,
received news her mother had died and she had to return home immediately.
"The only good thing was that she got out there and had a day or two."

from rathgormack to kiberapf
It's a long way from Tipperary to Kibera !
Yet the beauty of Rathgormack prepared us a little for the beauty of Kenya

We await the photos promised and Emma's report.