Grateful Thanks
Children outside their homes, Kibera
Laini Saba Primary School, Kibera



Laini Saba

        Laini Saba Primary
      School, Kibera,
     needs help.

The present school building is wooden and is both a health and fire hazard. We wish to help them replace it by a more permanent one. A brick costs just one pound sterling.
The building is of wood and is a health and safety risk. It is sagging too with the weight and movement of 300 people every day.

We also try to assist through voluntary work, introducing them to games, giving them help with reading and writing and sharing our IT skills with the older pupils and the teachers.



This primary and nursery school is linked with Christ the King Parish in Kibera slum in Nairobi.  Kibera is one of the largest slums in Southern sahara. The school was started in 1992 with a nursery school in response to the educational needs of children in the locality. The name, Laini Saba, is the Swahili word for seven lines, namely a reference to the railway lines that run close to the primary school. One can hear and see the train from the staff room and the school library.

In 1994 the parish opened its doors to the many street children living in the area. Many were not attending school or had dropped out for a variety of reasons. One such might simply have been the inability to buy a school uniform. The center offered non formal education at the same time as it offered some food and attempted to rehabilitate them.

Then in 1995 it opened as a formal school offering eight years of primary education. Thus it offers basic education to boys and girls. Now it is registered with the Kenyan government under the Department of Education and pupils, after eight years, write the state examination each year. Children of all cultural backgrounds and denominations are admitted though priority is given to orphans and the rehabilitation of street children.  It is necessary to ask for some school fees as the Ministry of education does not pay a capitation grant per pupil nor the salaries of teachers. In fact the assistance it offers is chiefly through some equipment and food supplies but this is not regular. Consequently the school relies on the financial assistance given by friends.

As well as the academic tuition that the school offers, it also promotes the social, spiritual and moral formation of the children. There are a wide range of activities including a Scouts club, a Peace club and an Environmental club. They have participated in musical events at regional and national level and would love to learn Irish dancing!!!!

Playing in the school yard



Medaevan, a ten year old boy, (with his leg around his neck)
and other pupils in Laini Saba Primary School, Kibera, Nairobi.

Education is very important to those displaced.
It creates a feeling of stability, normality and structures in the lives of these children.

Schools provide children with protection and a place for learning, and they also get a meal. 




With grateful thanks to those who supported the Charity Evening

Your contribution will go directly to the school and will go a long way in ensuring

education, clothing and a meal for these children. 



Homes in Kibera
Children at meal time








Many thanks to our numerous sponsors who supported our evening
by donating the many prizes for the raffle.

To Tony and the staff in Oscar Taylors who supplied
the venue and finger food for the evening.


Tony Wilkinson (Oscar Taylors)                                             Restaurant Vouchers

Pat Egan rscj                                                        Paintings

Alison Slean, Beiersdorf Ireland Limited               Nivea Baskets (2)

JC Supermarket, Swords                                     Kitchen Utensils

Smyths Toystore, Airside                                     Voucher (€25)

Carmel Martin                                                      Painting

Michael O’Sullivan                                              Aloe Vera Products

Peter Grogan                                                Tickets for Concert Hall

Martin Murray –SMK Imports & Dist Ashbourne      Household Gifts

Nora Moore, Raheny Shamrocks, AC                Jewellery (Bracelet)

Richard Connolly, Rafferty’s Pharmacy, Stillorgan,     Make-up case

O’Donnell Pharmacy Ashbourne (Barry)                    Make-up kits

Noel Daly, Commercial Hygiene Systems                  Surprise

Paddy Tuite (Crash Repairs)                               Grandfather Clock

F.A.S.T. Scaffolding/Paul Fogarty                      Scaffolding

 (rental - including delivery Dublin area for when you want to paint your house) 

Teresa Deasy  rscj chats with ine of the children
Children Walking the roads