Kibera Night a Great Success



An important time in Laini Saba Primary School


There was a warm, welcoming, friendly atmosphere in
Oscar Taylor’s
last Friday night 8th April,
as we gathered for the fund-raising concert
Laini Saba School in Kibera, Nairobi.


Harry Carpendale - harpist -

The music was lively as we were treated to Harry Carpendale on the harp and some very fine Irish dancers from the Oliver Sheedy Dance Troupe.

Besides all the contributors who gave of their talents for free, there was genuine interest in the Kibera project and in knowing more about the conditions in this part of Nairobi and in what the rscj were doing in the Laini Saba School project. The interest and enthusiasm became infectious, as people heard more from Carmel Flynn rscj and read about the school in the leaflet Grateful Thanks they were given on arriving at the venue, which Helen Mulholland had so ably prepared.

As the night wore on the music got even more varied and enjoyable. We were treated to folksongs from Helen’s singing group from Oldtown, some classic pieces from Eugene McCarrick, award winning singer Claire Bonass on the guitar and then some amazing traditional music on the guitar and banjo.

Oliver Sheedy Dance Troupe

Generosity went beyond bounds as we approached the raffle.
Even the prizes spoke of the generosity and responsiveness of the organisers, with a guitar, two bodhráns, paintings, vouchers, baskets, household gifts and even scaffolding !

An unusual sense of purposefulness alongside all the enjoyment began to emerge, as people felt they were participating in a worthy cause – making a difference in some people’s lives!




children_outside_their_homes_in_kibera school_of_laina_saba
Children outside their homes in Kibera
Laini Saba Primary School

This purposefulness developed as the night wore on, to the stage that people proposed running the event annually to support the needs of these people and what the rscj can contribute on their behalf to making the world a better place.

Jean O'Kane rscj and a very fresh Helen
at the end of the night
Teresa Deasy rscj, Marian O'Toole and Mary
O'Halloran enjoying the event











If you would like to view Helen's  leaflet, click here on  Grateful Thanks