Most inspiring moment of my trip to Kenya


Most inspiring moment

As the Students from St. Catherine's College
returned from Kenya this weekend,
we share with you a reflection by Michele McCartan on
the most inspiring moment of her recent trip
with the group in Kenya in July.

Students in Kenya in Oct 2011
Michele McCartan & Becky  Loukae rscj



On reflection, I think my most inspiring moment

of the trip was Sunday mass at Nyumbani .
This is an aids orphanage
an Indian Congregation
of religious women
assisted by volunteers. 

A Loreto nun from Ireland,
Sr. Mary Owens, is the Chief Executive officer
and very involved with the children.

The children live in small bungalows, each with a house mother.
As we toured the compound one could not but, be impressed
by the love that surrounds this very special community.
Sr. Mary, stresses that we must remember
that these children only have a condition.
For me, this was certainly a more positive outlook to aids.
I saw how Nyumbani is giving these children a future,
something which is every child's right.
clicking on Nyunbani Village  to view their work) 

All saving the crop in St. Madeleine Sophie Home



On a personal level it was so lovely for me to meet Becky Loukae rscj  again.
It is 10 years now since Becky was in Ireland
on her formation year and
visited me in Armagh with Carmel.
That meeting was the seed that was planted for our work in Africa
and as one visits St. Madeleine Sophie Home we can see
what wonderful things can be achieved with the help of friends !