Associates renew commitment

 Associates' Renewal of Commitment
June 10th 2011

Sheila rscj, Madeleine rscj & Fr. Peader Murney


Sheila Mc Auliffe rscj and
Madeleine Minogue rscj
welcomed us

the Associates, Eileen Lawless rscj and
Fr. Peader Murney

to the gathering in Beechwood Lawn,
for the renewal of Commitment

on Friday 10th June.
Some of the associates were already
putting the finishing touches

to the celebration meal
– the Agape –
to be enjoyed after the Eucharist.

The Beechwood Lawn group of Associates had decided to
advance their celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart,
as some of them would be away for the actual date of the feast
on 1st. July.

Fr. Murney celebrating the Eucharist

Fr. Murney, the parish priest of Johnstown
joined the group for the occasion,
celebrating the Eucharist and
encouraging and supporting the Associates,
with Sheila, Madeleine and Eileen,
in their renewal of commitment.
Sheila began the Eucharist inviting us
‘to come as you are’,
that is how we are loved, as we are.

In the homily Fr. Murney chose to highlight the aspect of consecration
from the first Reading

Colette and Eva preparing


“You are a people
consecrated to God:
it is you that the Lord our God
has chosen
to be his very own people”

Fr Murney spoke of the need 
and value of faith sharing groups,

as this was the way the church was
in the beginning,

people consecreated to God,
gathering to pray, to be listened to and
to share life.


Reflecting on this he commented how
commitment, and life time commitment,
is a value any longer supported
and often not engaged with, in our culture.
In fact for the young people, he has been in contact with for confirmation recently,
making a commitment for life is
an alien and inconceivable option, in their lives.
He shared with the group how he finds his own monthly commitment
to meet up and share prayer, life and time with others so helpful,
especially to live a life of faith.
So he encouraged them in their renewal of commitment to the Sacred Heart
and to each other.

noreen_and_colette_croppedpf alice__noreen_croppedpf
Noreen and Colette Alice and Noreen preparing

Discipleship was an aspect to focus on also,
as a disciple chooses to be close to Christ and
they were renewing their commitment to prayer.
John in the second reading speaks of
"God's love for us", which makes that
closeness and commitment possible

The prayers of the Faithful  reflected the open heart prayer and
needs of the group and the world.

Prayers were made for Lynn, a daughter of Eva, who had been seriously ill during the year yet,
at present is helping out in Calcutta.

We prayed for the niece of another Associate, whose relationship of 10 years
had just broken down and the brother of another who is very ill.

The needs of the Church, Religious of the Sacred Heart and the Associates world wide
were remembered, as were our dead.
The Associates then made their renewal of commitment.


Sheila rscj, Lillie, Fr. Murney, Meabh, Alice & Madeleine rscj
getting organised 
Lillie, Fr. Murney & Noreen with dates for the coming year











Time was spent organising us for photos for the web
and planning the future together, with the dates
for the coming year, before the meal.

Rosalind and Noel sharing during the meal

During the meal there was time to enjoy the food and drink and
to mix with the group and share
Then we moved further into party mood.

the_singing_was_greatly_enjoyedpf the_sing-song_underwaypf the_jokes_were_plentiful_and_goodpf
Lillie, Colette and Noreen singing Eva, Helen, Fr.Murney & Madeleine rscj in song
Alice, Una, Rosalind, Mary & Sheilla rscj

The sing-song got underway.
The jokes and funny stories were plentiful and
the singing was greatly appreciated.

Alice, Eileen rscj, Mary, Una, Rosalind, Lilllie, Sheila rscj, Fr. Murney, Noreen, Noel, Eva,
Meabh, Helen, Colette & Madeleine joined the group for the evening

Eileen Lawless rscj joined the group for the evening.
  It was an enjoyable and relaxing celebration,
so we all went home happy after such a lovely evening.

The whole group of Associates with Sheila rscj, Fr. Murney & Madeleine rscj,
Alice, Jim, Mary, Una, Rosalind, Lillie, Noreen, Noel, Eva, Meabh, Helen & Colette