Two Special images of Christmas


Celebrating God's Unconditional Love

Mariola Vera rscj



Mariola Vera shares two special images she has of Christmas.


I spent this Christmas in Armagh,
where Achill Road community shared a few days
with our sisters in Siena community, Armagh.

I have two special image of Christmas
that I would like to share with you.


In the Christmas lights in Armagh

On Christmas Eve the community invited other people:
neighbours, friends, acquaintances…,

to celebrate the Mass with us.      
The wonderful thing was that everyone had
a special place in this celebration.
There were different people, everybody with their reality.
They brought to Mass their joys and their pains and
all were welcomed in this, our “manger”.






I think Christmas is just that:


In the homily, I didn’t understand a lot, in fact,

I only understood two words, but for me, they were enough:

I feel that at Christmas we celebrate
the gift of His unconditional Love.
God loves our life. He welcomes us and He embraces us as we are.
He loves us in  all our reality.

mariola_at_the_pianopf carmel__catherinepf
Mariola rscj at the piano in the Community Carmel Flynn rscj & Catherine Farrell rscj
Kathleen Friel rscj & Carmel Flynn rscj

Thank you! sisters in Armagh community for this welcome.
We, as Religious of the Sacred Heart,
are called to welcome, to relate and to open our hearts especially to poor people.
God has put in our heart these seeds,
so as to give fruit in abundance.

Mariola Vera (Achill Road community)