Madeleine Sophie Barat 2015


Untangling the Threads of Our Lives


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150 years ago St. Madeleine Sophie Barat,
died May 25th 1865
Sophie was the foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart: 

a woman of God for the world.

Her life – like all our lives – was made up of threads woven
by the Hand, the Heart – the Love of Our God

Some of the threads with which the Weaver began to braid secretly
God’s work in Sophie’s life were



- the thread of fire that brought her to the world
and enkindled her spirit



vineyard joigny lolinpf
Lolin Menendez rscj


- the
thread of the vineyards  where she was born and
where she learned so much about life and growth


the visitationps
-the threads of friendship that enabled her to reach out
across cultures and nations.

- the thread of a human and intellectual formation

unusual for a girl of her times,
which prepared her
to be an incredible educator


house who spohie was born joigny july 06 037

- the threads of separation  from her parents, her companions,
and from a way of life
in Joigny
to Paris…a centre of worldwide relationships, 

                                       guided by a growing trust in the love of the Heart of Christ


- the thread of her reading: St. Teresa who gave her the
                                  attraction for prayer;
                      St. Francis Xavier who communicated the urgency to take 
                                            the Gospel to others;
                                               the life of St. Margaret Mary that showed her that the love
                                             of the Heart of Christ could reconcile those two attractions.
(D. Aleixandre. In the Shadow of the Word:Praying with Madeleine Sophie Barat, p. 8)
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Amidst the fragile and vulnerable thread of difficulties and failures,
in her life Sophie learned to lean on Him alone.

“Like you, I rely on God, who can do anything with even the feeblest of tools.
The essential thing is to rely only on Him, and to have boundless confidence.
He can make up for any deficiencies.”

(St. Madeleine Sophie Barat)

You might like to discover her life or to re-call it  
by spending these 9 coming days acquainting yourself with some aspects of her life
and any links it might make with your own life by clicking on this link: Sophie


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