Cedar House celebrate Eleanor Dorgan's time with them


Count our Years in Happiness with You 


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Bridie Byrne rscj, Patricia North rscj, Mary Ethna
Mc McLoughlin rscj, Kathleen Lee and
Catherine Tansey rscj

Veronica Punch rscj, Gillian Dempesy
rscj and Mary Henry rscj
Angela Delaney rscj, Kathleen Finn rscj,
Gretta Barry rscj

Cedar House community invite Eleanor Dorgan to count our years in happiness, as they say goodbye to her,
on completing her times as community leader with them.

Count our Years in Happiness

Don’t just count the years that you will celebrate today,

Sinead Coniry rscj,with Nora Glynn rscj offering Eleanor

Count the friends you’ve made

and joys you’ve known along the way …...

Count your special talents

and the interests you pursue ……

Count the stars you’ve wished on

and the dreams you’ve seen come true ……

And while your counting memories,

Time will seem to disappear,

And you’ll add up a thousand joys for every Blessed Year.

So in conclusion to this brief prayer, in the words of

Thomas Merton,

“We leave the finished product of our prayer to the One

who knows the longings of our hearts”.



The community marked the moment on Wednesday afternoon by gathering to pray together.

Ann Dolan, Eleanor Dorganrscj and Dairne McHenry rscj

The prayer centred around the Vine and the branches from John gospel and from the rscj Constitutions




“Every Branch that does bear fruit He prunes to make it
bear even more.”
“It is to the glory of my Father that you should bear much
fruit, and be my disciples.”
Jn 15 :2, 28

There was a lovely atmosphere as the celebrations continued with a very nice meal. Speeches were given in appreciation and thanks for all Eleanor had done. Eleanor herself spoke of all she had learnt from the community in Cedar House. All the staff were present and everyone who wished participated either in the prayer or, the speeches afterwards. A great afternoon was had by all.


Trish McCarthy rscj,  Jim Bergin


Kevin Burne, Kathleen Lee, Tim Dickson, Beena Paul,
Jereth Magdale, Erlie Lodico, Stasi Savicka,
Patricia Charlotte rscj and Eleanor rscj and Winnie Que