A Story of Fire


                               “I have come to bring fire

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                                                           to the earth... (Lk 12:49)

 ..............and how I wish it were burning already"

Sophie Barat was born on the night of 12th Dec 1779 in Joigny, when there was, in fact, a fire raging in the town. Neighbours spoke of how she was a ‘child of Fire’, as the fire precipitated her birth, bringing her into the world prematurely. This image stayed with her throughout life, gaining significance, especially as she sought to bring the warmth and fire of the tender love of the heart of Christ into her world.

Sophie struggled with Jansenism. Jansenism was a theology which presented God as severe, cold, and distant, and the human being as dark, sinful and corrupt, incapable of ever pleasing God. It was at times a crushing force in the lives of many christian people. By the mid-17th century, it had become profoundly rooted in the French Church. The theological debates around Jansenism and devotion to the Sacred Heart were 'battles for the soul of France'.

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