Resonating with Young People
Attracted by Stillness, Love, Care of Others, Adoration

 tenderness of christ



Sharing their call with the people of Armagh


Martina Purdy and Ronan Lennon OH
shared how they discovered the love of God in their lives
and their call to religious life
through their own particular experience of life
in the Synod Hall in Armagh on Thursday night.




carmel flynn and another member of the armagh diocesan vocations committee with ronan and martinapfrresized
         Ronan and Martina with Carmel Flynn and
           another member of the Commission.



     The Armagh Diocesan Vocations Commission has been
            organising evening celebrations entitled:

     "Great People, great stories, come and listen"

      Carmel Flynn rscj is a member of that Commission.



martina purdypfresized



Martina worked as a journalist for the the last 25 years
and was a well known political correspondent for
BBC Northern Ireland for the last 15 years.
She left work last October 2014 to join the,
Adoration Sisters on the Falls Road, Belfast. 

Martina spoke of being moved by the poverty she saw during a visit to Peru.
This moved her to get involved in fundraising for Trocaire,
as a means of making a difference.
That took her to a Catholic Church and attending mass.
She stayed after mass for Adoration and found herself attracted.
After consulting with the priest, she decided to go on retreat and
she met an Adoration sister on retreat,
who asked her why she would not consider becoming
an Adoration Sister.....!
and so the journey began.


ronan lennonresized



Ronan, out of his care for others,
joined the St. John of God Brothers after school.
Since then he has served in Korea and Ireland
and has been to Africa frequently with his work.

St. John of God

He explained how the St. John of God family
now includes all those who work with them,
colleagues and staff,
all sharing the same charism.





The evening included music and prayer
to accompany the testimonies of the two guest speakers.
Girls from St. Catherine's College provided music.

st catherines college choir at vocations celebration croppedpfresized
Choir from St. Catherine's College
 at the vocations celebration



participantsresizedparticipants 1resized

 The evening was well attended
by people of all ages.
and was enjoyed by all.
There was a lively question time,
engaging the speakers
and participants.




participants 2resized


The organisers were very happy with the evening,

which is one of two special evenings organised.

The second one is in the Parochial Centre,

Fairhill Rd. Cookstown

on Wednesday 29 April

Deacon Kevin Duffy and Sr. Fiona Galligan

will be the guest speakers.

archbishop eamonn martin ronan and martina with the armagh diocesan vocations committee 400
Archbishop Eamonn Martin with Martina and Ronan
and the Armagh Diocesan Vocations Commission

Thanks to Carmel Flynn and Martin Brennan for the photos

Choi Eun Jung's Profession
Choi Eun Jung rscj


Eun Young was so excited
when she heard someone was coming from the
Province to her Final Profession in Rome.
She could not believe that the
Irish/Scottish Province would do that for her.
She was radiant as my presence there represented
  each one in the province
who had given Eun Young so much and received so much from her.

kathleen friel harp - music group - jubilee croppedpf
Eun Jung, Eileen & Kathleen at Kathleen's Golden Jubilee

She had made a special connection with many of us individually,

especially with the Armagh Community,
playing at Kathleen Friel's jubilee.
During her time in Scotland she was warmly received
everywhere she went,

especially in Rosehill Community,
at the Vocations day in Kilgraston,
in Aberdeen and Bonnyrigg in Edinburgh.
Her host community in Achill Road and the other
Dublin Communities hold a special place in her life. 

The Probanists (those who spent five months preparing together for Final Vows in Rome)

Over half of the probationists had no family at the Ceremony.
Eun Jung took me as her 'family'
- I guess I was representing her Irish/Scottish family..
It was a surprise that everyone knew I had come to be there for Eun Jung, from our Province.

Yet I had not expected to be so much part of the Korean/ Chinese Group at the celebration.

Eun Jung’s Profession was a poignant moment in my life this year. It meant so much to me.


New Life



lambs easter2009pf

buds easte2009pf


As Spring growth at last arrives and
we move through the Easter Season,
we share with you,
new life in the Society of the Sacred Heart,
with the final profession
in Rome earlier in the year



The whole group with Ellen Collesano and Jola Olczyk who helped them prepare.

The Final Profession ceremony took place in the Villa Lante Chapel in Rome
at the end of January this year.

full regina shin pf

This year's probation group were very international, with people from every Continent.
(Probation is the rscj term for the five months of prayerful preparation immediately before final vows.)

philomene dikamba rscjpf
Philomene Dikamba rscj



Philomene from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

lily1pf anitapf
Lily Kullu rscj Anita Kongari rscj

Anita and Lily from India.


kim eun jung 
 Kim Eun Jeong rscj


Choi Eun Jung rscj


Kim Eun Jeong,
and Choi Eun Jung from Korea,

 Stella rscj

 Stella from China,

Silvia from Argentina

silvana ferezpf
Silvana Ferez rscj


Irene Franco Franco rscj

 Irene from Mexico

 Elisabeth Brinkmann rscj  


Lisa Buscher rscj

Elizabeth and Lisa from the United States 

Fátima Santaló-Ossorio rscj

Fátima from Spain.


beginning of ceremonypf 
 Lisa & Silvana lead the Entrance Procession

The Final Profession ceremony
in the Villa Lante was an extraordinary simple
yet formal occasion,

where 10 rscj were very consciously aware of their action of
giving themselves to God,

making their final commitment in Rome, at the end of January 2013.
Silvana from Argentina joined the others in the ceremony,
singing and playing the guitar

silvana  lisapf 
 Silvana & Lisa animated much of the music

and being missioned with all the others to their places of ministry.
She made her final profession in April,
in her home town in Argentina,
with her own people.


centrepiece altar 1pf
 Altar Centrepiece in the Villa Lante

The music and the liturgy reflected this very international group.

aarti by anita  lilypf
 Lily and Anita performing the Aarti during the Eucharist

The Indian Aarti,
by Lily and Anita,
was a most reverent and moving welcome
to Christ,
in the Eucharist, at the Communion....

om 1pf



...a  gesture of worship
from the
Hindu tradition.



The exuberant African presence was felt when ..

intoning the gloriapf 
 One of Philo's guests drumming
philomeme singing the gloriapf
 Philomene leading the Gloria


...the ceremony burst into movement,
energy, and song,
as the drums suddenly began to beat and
Philo broke forth in voice and actions glorifying God,
with the Gloria.

It caught us all by surprise,
even the participants/probanists,
as the drummers - Philo’s family and friends -
had not been at any of the practices,
as they had only received their visas
to be able to travel two or three days before.
The music was so infectious that
even those who had no idea
what she was singing all began to join in
with the refrain and to sway with the rhythm.



lisa singing the litanypf choi eun jung playing the litany of the saintspf
 Lisa singing the Litany  Choi Eun Jung accompanying her

The Profession Ritual itself was powerfully opened with
Lisa singing a most beautiful, prayerful and lively
Litany of the Saints, accompanied by Choi Eun Jung on the organ

korean offertorypf
Choi Eun Jung & Kim Eun Young
leading Korean Offertory

The Asian influence was felt again with a Korean Offertory,
which took us all into a deeply reflective mood

as the Eucharist celebration continued after the professions,
all having been made in their different languages
- Chinese, English, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Spanish -


cathy conan receives the final vows of stellapf
Cathy Conan rscj receiving the final vows of Stella
from mainland China, the first Chinese of the new formation.

Stella the first Chinese rscj in the Korea/ China Province
makes her Final Profession in Rome.

lilypf  anita making vowspf  kim eun jung.jpgpf 
 Lily making her vows  Anita making her vows  Kim Eun Young making her vows

 The American Influence, first from North America
with "Take, Lord Receive" (John Foley) in the Communion

and followed by the lively Latin American "Bendita Seas Mujer"
connected us out towards mission with Mary the great woman of faith
amongst the "pueblo"/people of God

elisabeth  irene giving thankspf
Elisabeth & Irene giving thanks in English and Spanish

The ceremony then ended with Cathy Conan
sending each one out to share the great news
of the Love of the Heart of Christ with the whole World,
missioning each one to her new ministry.

being sent out to spread the good newspf
Receiving the light to take with them


 To read more on Elisabeth Brinkmann and Lisa Buscher's call click on link below.





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