A New Year in Armagh with a Difference

A New Year in Armagh with a Difference




Armagh looks forward to a new, exciting event this Year 2011


A Unique three day gathering spiritfest_2011_____armagh

is organised for 1st.- 3rd. July



This is a major event in the lives of Christians in Armagh, offering all those who wish experiences of prayer and spirituality. It will have Keynote speakers, workshops and actual organised communal prayer experiences and Eucharists.


Rev Ruth Patterson, Michael Paul Gallagher sj and Laurence Freedman osb are among some of the speakers.

There are 3 different talks and 32 workshop experiences offered each morning and afternoon on different aspects of prayer and/or christian life.


The event will take place in St. Patrick’s College, St. Catherine’s College and Armagh Cathedral.

Cardinal Brady launched the website for the event in St. Catherine’s College before Christmas.


The website can be located at www.spiritfest2011.com.
Cardinal Brady encourages all to participate and asks everyone to pray
‘that the Spirit will fall afresh on all ‘