The Camino- RSCJ Project in Santiago 2012
pilgrim office team 2012 croppedpf
 The Rscj Team at the entrance to the Pilgrim's Office



The rscj project got underway in Santiago again this year.
We had a bigger number of volunteers this week,
which made for a vibrant service to the pilgrims and
a dynamic and fun-filled community life at home in Virgen da la Cerca.  

amparo 2010
Amparo Fernandez de la Vega rscj
pilar harguindey rscj with balbina rscj a member of the community in santiagopf
Pilar Harguindey rscj & Balbina Sanmartín rscj
member of the rscj community in Santiago



Amparo Fernandez
de la Vega rscj,

from Cuba but,
living at present in Granada,
joined us again,
along with
Pilar Harguinay rscj,

a Gallegan from Santiago,
who is also
living in Granada.



patricia 1 croppedpf
 Patricia Hervia Colomar



Patricia Hervia Colomar participated for the first time.
Patricia will join the novitiate in Lyon
in September,
from the Southern Spanish Province.
She is a transfer from another religious order.

 Fátima Santólo Ossorio rscj

Fátima Santólo Ossorio rscj
was also part of the team.
She was a founder member of the project
in Santiago with Mamen.

Fátima was in the rscj Community
in Newcastle last year learning English
and she visited Achill Road Community
in January of this year.


anne odonnellpf 1pf eileen croppedpf 
 Anne O'Donnell  Eileen Lawless rscj

Anne O’Donnell and Eileen Lawless rscj
with their many language skills
were an invaluable part of the Team again.

mamen 2010
Ma. Carmen Diaz rscj (Mamen)
pilgrim staffspf
Pilgrim staffs

Mamen Diaz as always
headed up
the Team,

although she had
to delay her participation
due to her sister’s illness.

meal with youth contactsspf
Friends of the Community




As we had such
a big group
we were able to build
a very vibrant community life,
welcoming pilgrims,
rscj and their guests,
and young adults
who have a regular commitment of

meeting for prayer and
sharing during the year, with Mamen.


at the dinner table with keiko our invited guestpf
Dinner with Keiko

Anne and Eileen met Keiko a young past pupil
of one of our schools and
of the University in Tokyo in Japan
after the evening prayer and reflection in the Cathedral
and were able to welcome her back to
the community to join us for a meal.

amparo  keikopf
Amparo with Keiko on the tin whistle


This proved an enlivening experience for us all
as she regaled us with her Irish music
on the tin whistle and shared with us
her desires and her journey on the Camino,
along with details of her family and life.
Her energy and life was infectious and
her obvious enjoyment and
appreciation of our welcome and
sharing of life, food and prayer on the Camino
filled us all with joy.


fatima  patricia helping a pilgrim to find somewhere to staypf
Fátima & Patricia helping a pilgrim find a place to stay

This year we had  plenty of interaction with

members of the Diocesan Team
who receive pilgrims in the Pilgrim Office.
There were other volunteers this year,
yet our rscj contribution became
more clearly visible

in the way we welcomed the pilgrims
in the Office,

enabling them to ponder a little
the deeper meaning of it all.

at the tomb of santiago in the crypt at the close of the reflexion and sharing with the pilgrimspf1
At the tomb of Santiago with the pilgrims in the Crypt

Being able to offer them reflection and sharing

with other pilgrims in many different languages
in the evening in the Cathedral,
was a treasured time.

belgium pilgrim with donkey - fund-raisingpf
The Belgian man with his donkey

There are always striking people
you meet on the Camino.

This year we heard about this
man with the donkey,

who had impressed so many pilgrims.
He had travelled all the way from
Brussels in Belgium,

over 4 months with his donkey.
One morning I was meeting the pilgrims,
a gentleman speaking French
was concerned about whether he could bring
his donkey into the Square
in front of the Cathedral early on Sunday morning,
as he needed to get a photograph.
As I interacted with him in the best French I could,
he explained to me how he needed the photograph
as proof of the walk he had done in aid of TEAM a Belgian charity.

the view of the cathedral arrivingpf
Pilgrim's view of the Cathedral as
they arrive into the Square

His was a moving adventure, to take on the Camino for 4 months,
at the age of 70.

His way of walking the Camino
inspired so many people on the Way.

Others had already told us of how his family had come
from Belgium

in the car to receive him on his arrival
into Santiago and

they had brought a trailer so as
to bring him and the donkey home.

Michele walked the integrity of creation at the service of the poor, something we talk about in our documents.


A feature always of the prayer with the pilgrims in the Cathedral
is that when we share the time passes quickly........

  Welcome for Pilgrim

.... So with this snippet from the
RSCJ Project in Santiago de Compostela.

We leave you with a few extracts
from the blog
Patricia wrote for the Pilgrim's Office blog
about us.

The Pilgrim’s Office have a web site and blog

mamen rscj religiosa
Mamen rscj with pilgrims

“The Religious of the Sacred Heart
in collaboration with the Pilgrim’s Office
have welcomed the pilgrims,
who arrived at the Office for 8 days.
Our presence and our desire  has been to offer as warm and
as welcoming a reception as possible
to the pilgrims who arrived to obtain their ‘Compostela’
to offer a friendly space to share their experience of the Camino.
During these days we have had the opportunity of
being moved by what so many pilgrims have shared.

We have also rejoiced with them and shared their questing and their questions.

At the same time we have been preparing the prayer
in the evening, in the Cathedral,

which offers them the opportunity to give thanks and
to present to God their lived experiences,

sharing with other pilgrims their living of the Camino in an atmosphere of faith.

young danish pilgrims as they show their compostela with satisfactionpf
Four Danish Pilgrim's show their Compostela

It was a challenge to welcome pilgrims
from such different latitudes
and to share with them in different languages.

Our international team made this task easier.
During these days we are grateful for
our lived experience in the Office and

the opportunity of sharing with old and
young from so many places.

This is an experience that is open to
other religious communities
Christian groups, who want to participate
for some days
in service of welcoming pilgrims,
in collaboration with the Pilgrims Office.

Patricia Hevia



We thank Patricia, the Pilgrim's Office and Eileen for their photos and contribution.