Young Adult Students commit themselves in the Church


27 Young Adult Students commit themselves
in the Church.

mary mother of god
Mary - Mother of God

As we begin January 2013 with
– the Feast of Mary, the Mother of God –
we share with you the experience of witnessing
27 young women commit themselves as
Young Adult Children of Mary of the Sacred Heart,
in Mount Anville Chapel, Dublin.

chaplain preparing the altarpf
Mount Anville Chapel

The commitment ceremony
took place in

Mt. Anville Chapel at the celebration of the
Eucharist on the 8th Dec 2012.
The students follow in a long line of
young women
who, for nearly 200 years,
have had the possibility of committing themselves to
building up the Kingdom of God in the Church,
sharing with the rscj in their mission
discovering and making known
the love of the Heart of Christ.

The 8th Dec. ceremony has been a long tradition in the Church and Sacred Heart Schools

mary in chapelpf
 The Chapel just before the Ceremony

The atmosphere in the chapel that evening

was a very prayerful one.
It was moving to be present at an event
where so many young adults 
had decided that a serious commitment
of this kind is 
meaningful in our world

– especially in the challenging climate of the Church
in Ireland these days –


fr. preparing the girlspf
 Fr. John Bracken celebrated the
Eucharist of commitmen

This year 60 Sixth Year students
engaged in
a time of
preparation and discernment

before deciding whether or not to take on this commitment.
The process which took four weeks
was run by
the chaplain Seán Mallon and the R.E. staff.

building the kingdom of god on earth. 1 jpg buildingcropped

Consequently 27 young women felt happy
to commit themselves
 to building of the Kingdom of God,
in this way.

 Seán Mallon, the chaplain, welcomed all
to the ceremony and
highlighted, for us,
that the young women were making a commitment as
"Children of Mary of the Sacred Heart"

– something which seemed to be highly valued by the participants.

sophie - teresa bystram rscjcropped logo with countries mater admirabilis 2pf
 Sophie Barat by
Teresa Bystram rscj
 Logo of Society, showing
where rscj live and minister
 Mater Admirabilis

Chatting with the girls at the tea afterwards,

they were very clear that they were imitating Mary,
by engaging with the four aspects of Mary’s life,
which were proposed to them !

We thank Seán Mallon for the invitation to share this moment and for all the information.