Achill Rd. welcome Fátima Santaló
Fátima Santaló rscj


Achill Rd. Community welcomed
Fátima Santaló
to their Community in January.

Fátima came to Dublin on her way back to
Newcastle after Christmas,
where she is studying English and
living in the Community  in Wingrove Rd.
On route from Madrid to Newcastle,
is via Dublin.

This enabled Fátima to connect up
Mariola Vera,
who is studying English in Achill Rd .

Jean rscj, Carmelrscj, Fátima rscj & Mariola rscj


Fátima had heard so much about
Achill Rd. Community,

she was looking forward to
meeting everyone and particularly

looking forward to being with Mariola,
whom she had not seen since
they finished their

Theological Studies in
Santiago de Compostela

in the summer of 2010.

Mariola had been in Santiago in Chile
for a year before coming to Dublin in November
to improve her English,
Mariola is on the way to join the group in
Rome in February,

who will be preparing for their
final profession in summer 2012.

Mariola rscj enjoying the welcome and
a cup of tea poured by Anne Roche rscj


Fatima is also learning English
en route to Rome in the Autumn.
Fatima spearheaded the rscj meetings for
World Youth Day in Madrid, in August 2011
(click on World Youth to view event)



Fatima belongs to the  South Spanish Province.
She was a social worker
working with young people with addiction problems,
before she joined the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Eileen rscj, Fatima rscj, Maria rscj, Mariola rscj



Fátima and Mariola also connected with Valle Adame rscj 
who just arrived in Walnut Rise to improve her English
before she joins Mariola and others in February,
in Rome.

Valle Adame rscj & Mariola Vera rscj sightseeing
in Trinity College



Valle has just returned from
spending some time
in Peru,
practicing as a doctor and

working with young people,
as part of her formation.
Valle was a doctor,
when she got to know the
Society of the Sacred Heart

in Granada, Spain.

valle with young peoplepfcropped
 Valle rscj with young people in Peru



Valle rscj & Fátima rscj in the company of Mollie Malone

Fatima, Mariola
and Valle
managed to
visit the
City Centre
one day and
Howth the first day

Mariola rscj & Eileen rscj on a windy day






We wish Fatima,
Mariola and Valle
every good wish on this stage of their journey.