Caroline Casey with Sacred Heart Students


Caroline Casey delivers 2nd Barat Lecture
Mount Anville


Caroline interacted in a dynamic way with senior students in South Dublin - when Mount Anville Secondary School students invited their peers from at least 10 schools in the vicinity to join them - as she delivered the Second Barat Lecture. President Mary McAleese delivered last year’s lecture, launching these series of lectures offered by the Sacred Heart Education Trust, which seeks to support Sacred Heart Educational values and ethos in their schools. Click to view here photos


Caroline is a past pupil of Mount Anville and was very well equipped to encourage and challenge the young people to be themselves and to develop their talents by engaging with this year’s goal of Intellect. Each year the lecture focuses on one of the five goals – Faith, Character, Intellect, Community Social Awareness  - the Sacred Heart Schools have.


Caroline came to public prominence  in 2007 when, at 28 yrs., she left her job in management consultancy,  challenging herself to trek across India on an elephant for a 1,000 kilometres to raise awareness of disability issues – doubly challenging for her, as she has been challenged in the area of visually impaired since birth !

Dangerous Dreaming
was the title of Caroline's Address.

Caroline was a vivacious speaker, captivating the young people with whom she shared. The 300 strong young people resonated with Caroline's presentation as she invited them to be ‘dangerous dreamers’ in terms of taking the leap ‘to make their own ambitions and dreams happen. Only they would know what was right for them. They certainly needed encouragement to be themselves and not to be just the same as everyone else. Yet once they found their own personal goals, they then would be faced with the challenge of risking success, or failure, and  finding the support they would need to achieve the life’s goal.

Caroline has written of how it was a real challenge for her to be herself and develop her talents, when others did not see them; how she had to overcome discouragement, sleepless nights and fear of failure. Eventually she decided to try and ignore whether she was going to fail or succeed, but at least she’d have made the effort. She urged her listeners never to give up and always to believe that anything is possible.

Caroline Casey is the founder of Kanchi, the disability awareness group. Kanchi works with business and media sectors to raise the profile of disabled people within society. She is also co-founder of the London based charity, Elephant Family, founder of Kanchi and the 02 Ability Awards.

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