RSCJ Host Young People in Ministry

RSCJ Host Young People in Ministry

"It was a great burst of energy, purpose and life"
"a great joy to build up the life of the Church together"

Through an unusual sequence of events
three communities of Sacred Heart Sisters,
along with a lay couple and a Cross and Passion Community,
opened their doors to welcome five young women and
four young men on the Net Ireland retreat team into their homes.

Andrea, Breanna & Phil Sinnott rscj in Walnut Rise

Phil Sinnott rscj, supporting Fr. Anthony
in his dilemma of trying to find host families in the Drumcondra area,
for these young people, sought assistance
from parishioners and her Sacred Heart Sisters.

Mary and Ceceilia - Cross & Passion Sister

Mary and Ken offered to help,
by welcoming two young men,

Jacob and Josh,
Sr. Cecelia, from the
Cross and Passion Community,

welcomed one of the girls, Jani

the rscj welcomed four young women
and two young men,

in Walnut Rise, Achill Rd.
and Marino Communities.

The young people were
based in Dublin this week,

as they were working in Schools
in the Dublin area
and surrounding towns.

Pj, Breanna & Josh

(National Evangelisation Teams)

are young people who,
minister to young people,
seeking to challenge 
young Catholics

to love Christ and
embrace the life of the church.
This year the Team is composed of

young men and women

from Canada and the United States of America.
They are based in Ballybofey, Co. Donegal, when not out on mission.


To be hosted by four religious communities was
a new experience for them and for us.

PJ, Eileen rscj and Jared in Marino

The style of living in each community
is different.
So while others appreciated
arriving home to a warm cooked meal,

PJ from Idaho and
Jared from Kansas
had a different experience.

They stayed in Marino,
where the house is open
to young people.

As the community lifestyle is organised
around building community together,
by caring for each other,

we all shared our culinary and our prayer skills.
Consequently we tasted Mexican food
and American steaks,

as well as Irish food.
Prayer too was rich and varied, as around the table/meal
scripture was shared and guitar music and Net songs
enlivened our prayerful interaction.
Ministry filled our conversation, as we shared each day,
our different experiences and methods
in Youth Retreat Work and Ministry and
what brought us to this type of work and lifestyle.



Andrea, Mary and Breanna

Thursday night we all gathered
in Walnut Rise to share a meal,
generously prepared by Phil rscj
and Maria rscj.    
Pj and Jared
with Eileen rscj
anised the
sharing of life and prayer,
at the end of our day’s work. 
We relaxed together over the meal
and then as we had done other days
in our communities
we prayed together.
Our prayer combined music
from the Net repertoire,
– where Christ spoke of how
he saw his mission – and
we shared how we see our own mission with each other.

jacobpf jared_carmel_flynn__maria_bradypfcropped
Jacob sharing one of his songs Jared, Carmel rscj, Maria rscj Achill Rd.

We discovered that we had much in common in our mission,
in our concern for young people and
being rooted in the love of God for each one, especially the poor.


Jani and Jacob busy in the kitchen




A feature
of Net members' presence
in each community was
their contribution to
the work of the house.






"It was a very good experience"

"It is great to see your home and how you open it up to others"

"You have truly showed us the love of Christ this week"

"I hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours"

Net Ireland Team
Josh, PJ, Jacob, Jared, Trevor, Mary, Nat, Andrea, Jani, Breanna


"It was very refreshing to have them"
"We've known nuns but never talked to them before,
that was good"

"We were so blessed to have had the chance to stay here with you"
"They were a tonic, a breath of fresh air"
"You were Jesus to us !"
"Thank you for the love you have shown and given to us."