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Cool We tend to join others in our Summer Youth Activities

 Reconciliation/Healing Service in
   Knock Youth Festival 2009

in Ireland

Knock Youth Festival - Walk by Faith - 25th.-27th. June

Sr. Helen Prejean

This year one of the Speakers is  Sr. Helen Prejean (The author of the book 'Dead Man Walking'). She will talk on “Who is Jesus?”. Give a workshop on 'Environmental Ethics'. Many workshops, prayer and the usual Reconciliation evening - with the opportunity for  confession, prayer for healing and the Candlelight Procession - will follow. On Sunday people are sent forth with Helen's talk on 'Faith in action' and the closing Eucharist. In this difficult year for all Catholics in Ireland, we hope the journey will take us from Walking By Faith, through to Trusting in God on to Hope for the journey.

In Europe   

European Pilgrims Projects
- Presence to Pilgrims - July - August 2010

in St Chély d’Aubrac (France), from mid-July to mid-August 2010

Pilgrim arrriving at Pilgrim's
Bridge at St. Chely


Some rscj and friends are joining RSCJ Projects in Europe supporting pilgrims on the Chemin Saint Jacques in St. Chely D'Aubrac in France and in Santiago de Compostela, as the Pilgrims complete the Santiago Way (El Camino) and begin to search for what's next.

In St. Chely the rscj offer a service of presence and prayer in the parish church each evening to the pilgrims passing through, to the villagers and visitors, while they also seek to build community together in a relaxed athmosphere..



 Aubrac, pilgrims receive a blessing
    for the journey,15th.Aug.2009

 At Santiago de Compostela (Spain)  July 2010

In Santiago de Compostela the rscj and friends offer support, accompanying the pilgrims with a service of listening to them in their search for the meaning of it all, talking about the Santiago Way and together enabling ourselves to find the new future opened up by the experience. As part of this they offer reflection and prayer in the evenings, while they also seek to build community with each other in service.




Cathedral of St. James, Compostela
The End or Beginnin
g, who knows ?

You can read more about RSCJ 'communities' on the 'Camino' in the rscj international website

Other Summers we have been involved in

Outreach to Africa Project
visiting Kenya and working in Kibera.

St. Chely
as above supporting the pilgrims with evening prayer/reflection and building community with the villagers, visitors and each other in a relaxed holiday athmosphere.

On the Way to Peace
an international project in Poland visiting Auschwitz, sharing and reflection together on what it is to be a young person in Europe and how to build Peace, Justice and Community together.

Schools Outreach Programmes
We work on Outreach to Africa from  Ireland - North and South - and support Outreach to Peru from Scotland.