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30th June 2018  was a gloriously sunny day as rscj from Dublin joined former colleagues, pupils and parishioners in Roscrea for a memorial service to honor the deceased members of the Society of the Sacred Heart who are buried in the community cemetery there. 

In the opening reflection they acknowledged that they had come together to celebrate the dignity and status that those interred in the cemetery were given though Baptism. Those present were reminded that all have been given the same dignity and status consequently we are called to live our lives in union and in imitation of Christ to improve the world in which we live.

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The photos in the gallery give you some sense of the joyful and appreciative memorial service.

Following the service all were taken on a tour of the new Sacred Heart School at the end of which there was refreshments for all present.  The photos of the school also give you a sense of the happy event.   

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Visit General Council to Ireland and Scotland


Visit of the General Council to Ireland and Scotland

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Central Team with Provincial Leadership Group 

May 25 was celebrated together with rscj in Dublin. Following Mass there was a general meeting, lunch and a second plenary session until it was time to go to a community for two hours during which there was a meal.

This pattern of time and a meal with the different communities was a feature of the visit.

May 26 - Nine different groups with whom rscj work and link did presentations. By then Boda and Marie Jeanne had left for Edinburgh. In the afternoon, Barb and Isabelle travelled to Armagh and from there went to Edinburgh for the regional day on 27 May.

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 RSCJ in Scotland with the members of the General Council on Sunday 27 May

bodamariejeanne withbonnyrigg

Boda and Marie Jeanne In Bonnyrigg with Catherine, Monica, Rose,
and Jeanette McGlone (Helper of the Holy Souls).

On their return they visited rscj in Cedar House and had meetings with some of the staff, directors and members of the Cedar House Board.

generalcouncilwith leadershipgroup

General Council and Province Leadership Group IRS

barb isabellesheilamadeleine

Barb & Isabelle visit Sheila & Madeleine


RSCJ in Migrant Education

Women Religious in Migrant Education



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An rscj in Haiti writes 

Maria….+ 118 ….as if it had been yesterday….

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Cantera is one of the barrios on the fringes of Santurce, where we live.
Way back in the ‘70s some of our sisters started a Center that offers a variety of services, especially to the elderly and the very young.
I volunteered for four years to work with pre-K children.

During the last two weeks I have visited Cantera several times
with the one sisters who still works at the Center.
What did we find, whom did we meet?

Antonia, who lives with her two handicapped children. One of them is blind. Their house was flooded and of course, mattresses were drenched, clothes soaked… At the moment her biggest problem is that, with no electricity, she can barely do all the wash that is needed. But, no complaints. She only asked for adult pampers, but it may be possible to give them new mattresses as well.

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Sonia and her handicapped daughter Naomi, who only have one bed for the  two of them,  and who live in a house where the ceiling leaks everywhere.

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They get wet when it rains.



Joanna is rebuilding the top floor of her house, cement brick by cement brick, with the money she and her husband earn by selling lunches and sodas.

Esperanza, whose son died two days before Christmas due to a lung condition.
With no electricity, no oxygen…not even a fan.
His is one of the Maria-related deaths the government refuses to acknowledge. Needless to say, Esperanza is very depressed.
She asked for paint to cheer up the house, but the request is not so simple to fulfill as the house has to be cleaned first with a pressure hose and there is no electricity.

pr esperanza1

One of my classmates had received some money from her cousin’s CCD class in North Carolina. She gave some of it to Esperanza, and Pura, the RSCJ who works in the Center, took her to Kmart. Esperanza bought a pair of shoes, a blouse and jeans, underwear …but set some money aside to give to her neighbor who has hooked her up to her generator so that she can have some light at night.  I was deeply moved by this gesture.

Melissa works but has not been paid for months. She lost everything in her house, and is living with her son at her mother’s. A person who is emptying her late aunt’s apartment will bring her everything useful.

Inés and her husband Jorge lived in a house perched on a strip of land on the very edge of Cantera. Now they live among debris. They are, literally, squatters, so no agency can help them.  When Maria struck, Inés was blown out of the house, into the street.

Jorge has tried to shore up the walls with some plywood and put up a roof with the iron sheets he bought with the $200 they were given by FEMA. They live in the one room that offers some shelter, but they get wet when it rains.

Again, just facts. No recriminations or complaints. Pura had told them that we would come to visit them. So they bought a bag of ice and had cold water for us. I wept as I accepted it.

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Why am I showing you all of this?
I am afraid that too much is being said about the hopeless situation that is Puerto Rico.
I just want you to see a bit of the courage, determination, and yes, deep suffering.
But the main reason is that to tell you, once more, that I am in a privileged situation “to learn from others the way of the Beatitudes", as  Chapter 1970 stated so well.


RSCJ NEWS - Responsibility is passed on

              handoverteam new

 I am where God wills me to be,

and so I have found

rest and security.

                                              Philippine Duchesne


On 31st December two of the former Provincial Council, Pat Egan and Kathleen Cronin were responsible for the arrangements for Mass and the Ceremony in which the Leadership of the IRS Province was transferred from them and Barbara Duffy to four RSCJ.

The ship 'Rebecca' was chosen as a symbol representing the voyage of the former Provincial Council and the journey that is ahead for Bernadette McArdle, Carmel Flynn, Dairne McHenry and Mary Cavanagh.

Pat recalled that 'Our time as team was expressed recently in our newsletter: like being on a voyage.  Barbara, Kathleen and I have had a great journey together; we have had times of calm and times of stormy turbulence, we have been through choppy waters, however, to-day in the words of psalm 107: “the waves are quiet and He has brought us glad at the calm, safe to the port we were bound for” and we are ready to hand over to YOU the next crew.  


His wisdom governs me, His power defends me, His grace sanctifies me, His mercy encompasses me, His joy sustains me, and all will go well with me

rpdsignature jpeg                                 
rebecca stphilippine

It is very poignant that this is the bicentenary year of Rose Philippine Duchesne’s journey on the Rebecca; and we thought that the Rebecca would be a fitting symbol to give you as you take on the Governance of the Province.   Like Philippine you are heading into the unknown, these are unchartered waters; there will be gale forces, and cold fronts, but through the mist you will know that this is where God wills you to be.

Paraphrasing Philippine’s own words

I invite everyone to stretch out their hands in Blessing as Barbara Kathleen and I  will pray Philippine’s blessing on you BERNADETTE, CARMEL, DAIRNE, MARY:

May His wisdom govern you, His power defend you, His grace sanctify you,
His mercy encompass you, His joy sustain you and all will go well with YOU.

Do not look back to the past nor forward to the future.
Claim only the present, for it holds God’s will.

                                                                                                                                                           Pat Egan

Some photos of the event:-
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 deirdre gretta joan

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 mass changeover




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