Carmel at Ploughing Championship




CARMEL FLYNN represented IMU





The Annual Ploughing Championships held near Athy, Co. Kildare
provides an opportunity
for many enterprises to show case their wares.
This year the Irish Missionary Union(IMU) shared a stand
with the group Action to Prevent Trafficking (APT).
Carmel Flynn was one of those representing the IMU during the event.
Carmel gives us a taste of the experience

Carmel rscj with IMU Colleagues

We were fortunate to have two magazines to distribute.
They were special editions on agriculture and the missions
provided by the Columban and the Kiltegan Fathers.
On the first of the three days teenagers were hesitant about accepting the magazines
but, when they were told that their Grandmother might enjoy it they brightened.
The conversation then went somewhat as follows.

“How is your Gran? I’m sure she helps your Mum”
“Yeah and me too, she gives me money, encourages me.”
“Does she do anything else ?”
“Yeah, she prays for us, that we don’t get into trouble, that we’ll pass our exams….”
“And do you pray?”
“Yeah sometimes, when I have a problem with my friends
and when I haven’t done my school work, when things aren’t going well at home..” and so on.



There was great interest in volunteering overseas and many queries.
Following our conversations we often directed people to our colleagues on the APT stand,
who were asking people to sign the petition for action to prevent the trafficking of women.

Carmel rscj with colleagues in IMU



Staying in Cuain Mhuire was also a new experience.
This is a centre for Alcoholics and drug users.
Staff members vacated their offices
so that we might stay close to the place
where the Ploughing Championships was taking place.
Those who had been rehabilitated in Chuain Mhuire
return to assist in the Garden centre and in the restaurant
or to sell tickets for the duration of the championships.

I was fortunate to be there with Dr. Miriam Duggan,
the Superior General of the Franciscan Missionaries for Africa.
We have known each other since Ugandan days where Miriam is a much respected surgeon.





Did I plough or watch the ploughing?
Alas no !
We were just too occupied, preparing the ground,
sowing the seed,
engaging with and enjoying the exchanges with people.





Did I see the politicians?
No ! tractorpf
except for Sean Gallagher
and the big bus displaying Mary Davis.