Handmade Pottery Sale in aid of Friends of Ireland

  in aid of
Friends in Ireland



 - A Charity in South Africa -


shoepf candle_holderspf
Shoe Candle Holders


Sandra Mc Sheaffrey rscj and Mariajo Iribarren rscj


rang in the Christmas Season
with a 
Pottery Sale

in Mountjoy Square on Dec 8th.


wheel_pot_8 wheel_pot_2
wheel pot 8 wheel pot 2



There was a great variety
of pieces
on sale
ranging from skilled
pieces on the wheel



picture_a_cupofteapf window_tile
A cup of tea Window tile




to imaginative Tile Motifs



and more free-flowing Creative Pieces.

floral_potpf inthedesertspf hand_built_glass_detail_in_rim is_it_a_boot
Pot for dried flowers In the desert tile Hand-built pot with glass in rim Is it a boot?

All items were products of the Pottery Class

 Pot 2


The sale was very successful
with raffle money, sales
and a couple of donations included, they will be able to hand over €1000.
This will go about
of many
children !


It costs 69 cent to feed one child for a day.
The Friends of Ireland project looks after 700 children.

Friends in Ireland was founded by Marian Finucane and John Clarke in June 2002.
after a visit to South Africa,
where they saw the dire circumstances
of orphaned and vulnerable children,
who have been infected, or affected, by HIV AIDS.

Umbrella stand

Friends in Ireland, working with the local communities,
run 4 early childhood development centres for
marginalised children in rural South Africa.
165 children receive early education and nutrition daily.

There are 7 drop in centres
where over 500 children and youths receive nutrition daily,
and they aim to provide after school programmes and
to care for the youths’ psycho-social needs as well as their physical needs.

Most of the day-to-day running of their centres is handled by
the 7 community based organisations with which they work.
They aim to build the capacity of these community based organisations
to enable them to work for their own communities.

Just a pot!

They work in the rural Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces

with the most marginalised children from the communities
where poverty and HIV infection rates are high.


Click here for Friends in Ireland


Next year, please God, the charity will be Medicine Without Frontiers. Last year it was Haiti !