Launch of New Book on Society of the Sacred Heart




The Irish Scottish Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart

new book1pf


The Society of the Sacred Heart in

19th century France, 1800-1865

by  Phil Kilroy (Cork University Press, 2012)


Saturday  19 May 2012 


                              Mount Anville House, Dublin 14.

aideen kinlen welcomes allcroppedpf
Aideen rscj welcomes a

Aideen Kinlen rscj, welcomed everyone
on behalf of the Irish Scottish Province.
She welcomed the speakers

Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, Trinity College Dublin,
Dr Margaret MacCurtain O.P.,
saying we were so proud to be here with
Phil's family, colleagues, friends, past pupils,
principals, chairpersons of boards,
rscj associates and rscj members of the Province
for this happy occassion of the launch of Phil's second book.
Aideen commented that as religous life is rooted in faith,
and so in mystery, it is difficult to depict.
She deeply appreciated Phil's scholarly work,
                                                                    an arduous and meticulous work of love, painstakingly researched.

prof.   croppedpf
Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer opening proceedings

 Aideen then handed over proceedings to Jane,
who warmly welcomed us,
informing us she would do m.c.for the event.

Jane told us she met Phil
when she was doing her Ph.D
on 17th Century History and Phil was doing hers on
Dissent in the 17th Century.
They met in Bodleian Library in Oxford,
seeking the same books for their research!
She got to know Madeleine Sophie Barat through Phil. 
Through her travels,
on Trinity Student Recruitment work since then,
she has met rscj around the world, in India,
and only last week in 91st Street New York.
In the Principal’s Office she was impressed to see Phil's book on Sophie well-thumbed and marked.

margaret mc curtain op croppedpf
 Margaret McCurtain O.P delivering lecture

Jane then introduced  Margaret McCurtain O.P.
as a specialist in 17th Century Ireland,
a woman needing no introduction,
who set up the Women’s Association of History and had been
a mentor to Jane in setting up Women’s Studies in Trinity College.

Margaret spoke of the book as being a landmark study,
fruit of rigorous research
with three
sections breaking  totally new ground.
Commenting on the opening essay
‘One Musical Ensemble’,

which so impressed her,
she noted that it be read for relaxation or study,
or used for meditation.

image for bookpf1

Margaret appreciated the work of
Sandra Mc Sheaffrey rscj and Mariajo Irribarren rscj
in creating the image for the cover.
She continued contextualising some of the chapters,
sharing aspects of the history of the time and
commenting on the innovation which Sophie Barat brought to her task
as leader of an educational order,
aspects which had been so well researched and presented by Phil.
Margaret highlighted the fact that
Vol 2 The Society of the Sacred Heart in 19th Century France illuminates
Vol 1 Madeleine Sophie Barat - a Life,
and finds she is keen to return to it now, having read Vol 2.

new book1pf madeleine sophie - a life
 The Society of
the Sacred Heart
in 19th Century

Sophie Barat
A Life

Margaret finished with the vignette of Sophie near end of the book,
where she wrote:
  “It is getting late for us and the sun of our life is more than just beginning to decline.
Let us imitate this healing planet, at the moment when it sinks over the horizon.
Just before it disappears, its flames seen to rekindle,
casting an even greater burning, bright glow.
May it be the same for us.”


phil giving thankspf
Phil delivers thanks to all

Phil concluded the session by giving thanks to
Margaret and Jane and to all
who had helped her in her work and research, especially
Professor Aidan Clarke from the History Dept. Trinity.
Before and after the launch people mixed freely, enjoying the relaxed,
and happy athmosphere.

margaret mccurtan phil aideen clarke etcpf
Margaret McCurtain, OP, Prof.Jane
Ohlmeyer, Aideen Kinlen rscj, Phil
Kilroy rscj, Prof. Clark  and Sara
Wilbourne, Cork University Pres








helen mary ethna  marjorie cropped.jpgpf stephen sinnott and french candidate croppedpf patricia bourdon and eleanor reviewing the book croppedpf
Helen Mulholland, Mary Eithne McLoughlin rscj &
Marjorie McCourt (former provincial secretary)
Stephen Sinnott CFO selling Phil's Book with
Sandra Delaveau, candidate BFN
Patricia Bourden, principal Mount Anville &
Eleanor Dorgan review the book.



phil and judge catherine murphycroppedpf
Phil with Judge Catherine Murphy, Chairperson of the
Board of Mount Anville Trust
ursula madeleine and noel croppedpf
Madeleine Minogue rscj, Ursula Bugembe rscj
& Noel Moran rscj Associate

A time to meet and enjoy each other's
on a
special day

Details of the book  can be found on: