Armagh RSCJ Remember

Armagh RSCJ Remember

The Sisters of the Sacred Heart joined all their fellow parishioners,
who were bereaved in the last year,
in a Eucharist of Remembering their loved ones.
The liturgy was organised by Sr Nora Smyth and the Bereavement Group.

The Eucharist was celebrated in St Malachy’s Parish Church,
last Friday night 18th November 2011.

The RSCJ were remembering Sr. Margaret Mary Mc Kee, who died unexpectedly in August.

St. Malachy's Parish Church, Armagh


At Margaret Mary’s funeral in the Cathedral in Armagh,
Fr. Eugene Sweeney, spoke of us ‘burying Margaret Mary in her boots.’
Although Margaret Mary was 92, she was well known around Armagh,
heading down to St. Malachy’s to early morning Mass or,
meeting contacts on her weekly visits on Fridays to the market.
She had been at the market the Friday before she died.

the cathedralpf
RC Cathedral Armagh

Besides being an important member
of her Sacred Heart Community in Armagh,
Margaret Mary was also an anchor
in her own extended family in Maghera.
She had a great way with her 26 grandnieces and nephews
and her 16 great grandnieces and nephews,
knowing them all by name.
She was so deeply loved by them that they gave her a local send-off,
digging the grave for her and taking her from
the convent to the cathedral for requiem mass on their shoulders,
alternating between the men and women.

Margaret Mary was born in Tumblebridge, Richill.
She served in every area of the province
Roscrea, Monkstown and Mount Anville in Ireland and
Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Kilgraston in Scotland,
before returning to her ‘beloved’ Armagh 26 yrs. ago,
where she became so much part of the community,
both in the house, in the local church and in
the local community, with a heart open to all.

church of ireland cathedralpf
Church of Ireland Cathedral Armagh



A cherished memory for Margaret Mary
was the day, some years ago,
when she met the Queen in
the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Armagh,
at the Maundy Thursday Service.
On that occasion she received the
‘Maundy Money’,

with other guests, from the Queen and
was greatly moved by it.


Sr. Margaret Mary McKee rscj with her 'Maundy Money'

We continue to accompany and support
our sisters and her family and friends,
who miss her so much,
as they live through their grief and loss.

Ar deis Dé go raibh a anam