Signs of hope

michael_sweeneyreceivingawardSigns of hope

We are well aware of government cut backs where the old, the young and vulnerable are affected and suffer . Yet there are many signs of hope, We have experienced much hope both from individuals and organisations who help generously, graciously and gladly,

Age Action, of which we are members, is one such organisation. They circulate details of reliable volunteer care/repair people that do small jobs for older people. When I requested a care/repair volunteer they recommended Michael Sweeney. Michael arrived on his bicycle. On opening the door his greeting was, “I know you.”   As I couldn’t recall who he was immediately, he said “The Rehabilitation Hospital” then I remembered him as one of the limb fitters in the hospital. I recalled him most from the comments of his patients who were very satisfied with Michael’s skill and approach.

Over the past two years or so, he has done several jobs for us, His work is outstanding, that of an expert handyman. However Michael is not only a handy man but a person who shows care, respect and a desire to be of help. When Age Action asked for nominations for care person of the year, we had no hesitation in putting Michael’s name forward. Would anything come of it?

Before Christmas, Michael and his wife were invited to the award giving ceremony in the Burlington Hotel. Three hundred guests were present. There were three award winners, one from Cork, one from Mayo and Michael from Dublin. We feel it was a well deserved award and we rejoice with him.

At the meal prior to the award giving, Michael was sitting next to a current member of the Dail. She recalled how Michael had designed a medical device for her several years ago. It was a happy coincidence as she was the honoured guest who presented the awards. Truly hope springs eternal.

 Sheila McAuliffe