Sun Shines for Ballyvaloo





CoolCool  Sun Shines for  CoolCool
CoolCoolCool  Ballyvaloo






Holidays have come ! !


10 rscj will spend this week on holidays,
by the sea in Ballyvaloo, Co. Wexford.



Phil Sinnott rscj, the organiser and Teresa Deasy rscj




Phil Sinnott, Teresa Deasy and
Barbara Duffy set off
on Saturday
after lunch from Cedar House,
with Betty Casey,

Vera Power and Mary Ethna McLoughlin.





Kathleen Cronin and some of the
community saw them off

betty_casey_nurse_brigid_vera_power_kathleen_cronin__mary_ethna_1 vera_power_kathleen_cronin_and_mary_ethna_mcloughlin_cedarhouse_i
Betty Casey rscj, Nurse Brigid Rooney, Vera Power rscj,
Kathleen Cronin rscj, & Mary Ethna McLoughlin rscj
Srs. Vera, Kathleen and Mary Ethna rscj


Nurse Brigid Rooney, an ex-matron of Cedar House, is joining them for the week.
Deirdre Doyle rscj and Gillian Dempesy rscj will join them tomorrow, Sunday.