Gathering at Ancient Friary Armagh

Gathering at Ancient Friary in Armagh

stfrancis withbirds

The rain was soft, it fell gently as people gathered at the Ancient Friary in Armagh at 5.30 p.m.
on Saturday 7 September to pray.

They had come from different faith traditions to be reminded of the history of the place,
the difference between
a monk and a friar and to learn
something about the rule of Saint Francis and Saint Claire.

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The call to worship was taken from the Rule of Saint Francis

‘all good belongs to the Lord who is God most high and Supreme…’ 

Ministers of the different churches present led those assembled in prayer

and the McGrath family accompanied the singing. 
Following a prayer by Dean Dunstan, Mr. Harry Carson gave a brief account of the history of the place,
of the long tradition of the monks and their current responsibility for many of the holy sites in Jerusalem.

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The McGrath family sang psalm 63 prior to a reading of the Gospel Matthew Ch. 5 1-6.
Then Sister Roisin Coulter, a Sister of Saint Clare
spoke about Saint.Clare and the connection with Saint Francis.

 Representatives of the various cathedrals led the assembly in prayers to which people responded

We honour and give you our love’.

One of the prayers was for the suffering people of Syria
and the final one was a petition 
‘to be salt and light and to work together as a community with humility and understanding,
(in Armagh) for the sake of Christ Our Lord’.  

st francismoon

The Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon,
from the writings of Saint.Francis
was read by the Reverend Grace Clunie.
The prayer concluded and as rain continued to fall  all sang

Make me a channel of your peace.

Then Father Peter McAnenly encouraged everyone present with these words

Let us go forward together

In the compassion of our Father,

In the forgiveness of the Son,

In the Life of the Spirit,

In the love of the three in One……

Many accepted the invitation to a Mayor’s reception in the
Armagh City Council and District Offices,The Palace.

There, while enjoying the variety of food that was provided 
old acquaintances met and renewed friendships, 
new contacts were made and all were grateful for the opportunity to come together.

deputy mayorpic3

The Deputy Mayor addressing those who attended the reception in the palace.