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First Profession - Barbara Gartland rscj

7th January 2017 St. Malachy's Armagh


st malachys


Barbara Gartland made her First Vows
as a religious of the Sacred Heart
in St. Malachy's parish church in Armagh
on Sat 7th January 2017.

It was a great celebration with rscj, family, friends
and parishioners
- uniting Catholics and Protestants,
friends from all walks of life,

rscj from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and
the Republic of Ireland in Armagh
- an amazing experience of life and joy.

Congratulations Barbara !

20170111 425
Barbara Gartland professing her vows in front of Barbara Duffy rscj, Provincial of Ireland/ Scotland, in Armagh

 Barbara began welcoming everyone with the following greeting
explaining in her own words
what the vows she was making
mean in today's world for her.

 To my family, my friends, my sisters in community and
members of this parish
where my faith has been nurtured,

Today is the day that the Lord has made and
I am profoundly grateful to Him, and
to you for coming to share this day with me. Let us be glad and rejoice.

Today, I take another step in my journey
by making vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience
in the Society of the Sacred Heart.

You might well ask,


The vow of Poverty reminds me
that I am totally dependent upon God and his gifts.
Everything I have and need comes as gift from God.

As sisters, we try to live simply,
committed to sharing our resources of time
and gifts with each other and with our brothers and sisters
- especially those most in need of our support and love.

dinner time kibera homeless in Ireland

 Everything we are and have is God’s gift to be shared
- it’s in giving we receive.

Obedience is about listening to God in every situation of life.


Listening to God in prayer,
in others and
in creation and trying to respond in love.

listening to the world



In prayerful discernment we want
to listen to the Holy Spirit,
to become more attentive to the
needs of the world in the here and now,
and to give ourselves in service for others.


robin in nature



 In the world today there is so much noise,
so much movement,
our lives are so busy - it’s hard to take time out to be still,
in order to listen to the sound of God in silence,
in others and in nature.


This is what Jesus did, he took time out for prayer to the Father,
he wanted to understand his Father's will and he responded in trust,
giving himself in love.

In making the vow of Chastity I want to make God more and more the centre of my life.

With God’s help, we are freed to grow as lovers of God and lovers of all people.

For God is all loving, all compassionate, and all merciful.

all of you loves all of me tenderness of christ


The vows I make will challenge me every day
and I thank God for that because
they remind me to go beyond myself.

With God’s help and your prayers,
I will grow in freedom, to live in God and for God and
become more open to the Spirit.

During this ceremony, I will receive a medal
as a sign of my consecration to God in
the Society of the Sacred Heart.

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The symbol on the medal is the Open Heart of Jesus.
It shows the world in the Heart of God,
which is an open Heart gathering into its centre
all peoples of all nations.

This expresses what our Foundress Sophie Barat wanted for us,
that our lives radiate the love of the Heart of God in the world today.

profession 7

 This my friends,  is a beautiful life, a life to be recommended - lived in the love of God!


Thanks to Barbara for text and Carmel, google images and Eileen for photos