Journeying through Matthew's Passion



Journeying through Matthew’s Passion

The Reading of Matthew’s Gospel on Palm Sunday in St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish in Aberdeen was a celebration and truly participative event.

The readers were participant in the sessions which Sr. Moira Donnelly rscj has been giving on journeying through Matthew’s Passion during Lent. Moira had two groups who met and worked their way together through the Passion each week.

Fr. Chris Brannan, the Parish Priest, invited Moira to do the Programme.




The Programme was based on the
Take and Read,
A publication developed as a follow up to

‘The Gift of Scripture’
produced by the Bishops of England,
Wales and Scotland.

It brings alive gospel and 
Passion for each year.

This Year’s Booklet was written by
Fr. Henry Wansbrough OSB.

As this was a new experience
with Scripture for the participants,
they found it
‘wonderful to be learning about the Gospel in this way’.


It was not surprising then when, at the final session,
Fr. Chris came in to look for readers
some of the participants were happy to take part.

Moira Donnelly rscj


The Reading of the Gospel on Sunday
with Moira as Narrator,
was like a culmination of the series and
a celebration and sharing of the fruit of their work
– prayer and reflection –
with the whole parish.

Moira found it a wonderful experience to be part of this communal experience and celebration.


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Take and Read