Regina Shin rscj

 Our present logo expresses something of who we are today, in our world.


Agnès Bigo rscj, reflecting on the logo finds the following quotation from the constitutions a good place to begin to contemplate its meaning.

The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind.          (Const. 8)

For her  'the Heart is part of a dynamic movement' - a movement of openness and love, of both giving and receiving. In our logo the heart is open - 'a way of suggesting the wound. It is open and ready to gather all into one.'

For her 'the striking addition' - to the Open Heart - 'is the world, with the cross planted in its midst.'

          Sculpture Barat House, Roehampton


This echoes the prologue of the Constitutions:

“God’s mercy and faithfulness shine forth in a world wounded by sin." 
He has sent His beloved Son who became one of us, and gave up His life, to set us free….
and to gather together all things in Himself for the glory of His Father.”

 This symbol, of the open heart holding the world, enables us to be "drawn into the gift of Jesus to His Father for the life of the world,"

(Const. 5) 

Enjoy a further development of the Logo reflection next month ......