RSCJ Reflections 1


God’s Love Story at the Heart of Sophie’s Spirituality


The whole of Scripture is the story of God’s love for us. What is central to God’s revelation is that God is Love, Love beyond human telling – unconditional and everlasting Love. In the course of many centuries, the Chosen People came to an ever more true and refined sense of the nature of God. They moved a long way from the God of vengeance, or wrath, to the wonderful intimacy and profound awe we find in the great prophets.

Of all the words used to describe the nature of God, two came to be central:

Israel’s God is the God of “hesed w’ emeth”, the God of loving kindness and fidelity.

Sacred Heart Villa Lante, Rome.

“Great is his love, love without end.”


It is this eternal and unshakeable love of God that is symbolised in the pierced heart of Jesus.  Jesus, in his life, death and resurrection, is the most complete and compelling revelation of God’s love.

All of this lies at the heart of the spirituality of Madeleine Sophie Barat. It was this deep mystery of Divine Love that motivated her prayer, her missionary outreach, her educational principles, her attractive smile, her wisdom, her perseverance in face of rejection or adversity – all that made up the magnetic personality of Sophie Barat.

Moira Donnelly rscj.
Aberdeen. Scotland.